A heart for four paws...

Endless meadows, dreamlike alpine pastures, hours of walking, rushing streams and lots of interesting smells for your Bello. This is the dreamlike nature with us in the Pustertal. We and our four-legged host, ABBYGALE, warmly welcome you and your four-legged friend to MAJESTIC!

Here is some information for "Bello & Co":

  • On arrival you will find a dog bowl in your room
  • You sleep best on your own dog blanket; should you have forgotten this at home, we will be happy to provide you with one.
  • our feather bed brigade will do what you and your owner want when it comes to cleaning your room - just let us know and we will tidy up the room while you are away.
  • if you have dirty paws, water and wipes are available for you at the "Dog Cleaning Station" in front of the hotel entrance.
  • we hope for your understanding if we ask you to stay away from the dining and wellness areas as well as from our sunbathing area in the garden
  • in the hotel area we ask your master to keep you on a lead
  • Please do not use the hotel entrance area or our garden as a toilet - poop bags are available from a dispenser next to the "Dog Cleaning Station" at the hotel entrance!
  • we regularly organise guided walks in our hotel in which the "whole family" is welcome to participate
  • we work closely with the local vet who we will contact for you in case of emergency
  • please note that you must keep your dog on a lead at all times on heavily frequented footpaths and country lanes as well as in the forest.

Price: € 25.- per day/dog
We wish you wonderful dog days in our house!
A heart for four paws...
A heart for four paws...
A heart for four paws...

Summer Special 7=6

from 01.06.2024 to 05.07.2024
from 1,120.00 € per person
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