Valle Aurina

Taufers Castle, Predoi Climatic Centre, Predoi Mine Museum
Taufers Castle

One of the finest and most important castles in South Tyrol, it stands on a rocky hill to the north-west over Campo Tures/Sand in Taufers, dominating the narrow stretch of the river Aurino that marks the natural boundary between the valleys of Tures and Aurina.
The castle has featured as a location in many films and attracts countless visitors, fans of castles, both experts and laymen, hikers and nature lovers, art lovers and ordinary visitors curious to see aristocratic style at first hand.

A breath of relief, goodbye to allergens… at the Predoi Climatic Centre
At the Predoi Climatic Centre the temperature remains constantly at about 9°C. To stay in the tunnel for a couple of hours you need warm clothing and strong footwear. The particular conditions found in the tunnels of the disused mine ensure a most beneficial microclimate for people affected by respiratory problems. The microclimate conditions in the Predoi Climatic Centre are unique. The old mine train (Predoi Mine Museum) takes visitors about 1100 m into the heart of the mountain to the Climatic Centre, a place of peace, rest and relaxation.

Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday from 9.00 to 17.00
Reservation required (Tel. 0039 - 0474 – 654523)

Predoi Mine Museum – The Rio Rosso mine
As long ago as the fifteenth century copper ore was being extracted at the Rio Rosso (“Rettenbach”) at Predoi and then cast in the Valle Aurina. Mining activity was suspended in 1893 and then resumed in the twentieth century, but only for a short time (1957-1971).
The starting point for the informative visit is the tunnel of St. Ignaz, at an altitude of 1500 m. The Miners’ Route, complete with signs, leads through the tunnels to the ore outcrop near the Cross of the Val Rossa. The climbing path takes hikers back into the past, to the dawn of the mining industry at Predoi.

Valle Aurina
Valle Aurina
Valle Aurina
Valle Aurina
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